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Krista Gottlieb, Mediator, Arbitrator, Attorney and Counselor at Law

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Krista Gottlieb, Esq., Mediator, Arbitrator, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Our mission is to find the most cost and time effective means of resolving the issues and conflict parties face, whether through mediation to help preserve or resume relationships, serving as decision making arbitrator, or being a counselor and advocate.

The “best” process and solution will vary depending on the situation, needs and abilities of the participants, always on a customized and individual basis. Often a successful result can be obtained through strategic discussions and negotiations. Sometimes a more adversarial approach is dictated. Frequently, the best acceptable solution to a dispute can be found through mediation or arbitration. We strategize and provide the resources to engage the appropriate process for you.

“Krista goes the extra mile...”

“I highly recommend Krista Gottlieb as an extraordinary mediator...”

“Without hesitancy, I highly recommend Krista as a mediator in any dispute you may have...”

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  • Worked with numerous Fortune 500 Companies, and solo/small businesses
  • Settlement values up to tens of millions in cash and other arrangements
  • Worked with parties or counsel from 34 states and counting
  • Completed several hundred mediations in 19 years
  • Mediation duration as needed, from less than a day to multiple sessions or contacts
  • Preserved complex business arrangements, employment and interpersonal relationships
  • Allow counsel to focus on representation and advocacy


  • Multimillion dollar commercial contract dispute allowing parties to continue a profitable relationship
  • Business dissolution allowing parties to succeed separately
  • Business financing and operational issues resolved
  • Shareholder disputes allowing company to flourish rather than perish
  • Restoring family harmony by avoiding guardianship and related proceedings
  • Restoring harmony between adversarial factions of religious congregation
  • Harassment claim in professional practice
  • Farming and funding issues resolution
  • Municipalities addressed liabilities with employees and other parties
  • Retirement and other benefits claims resolution


  • Independent contractor issues
  • Employment damages
  • Non-compete agreement interpretation and related damages
  • Business contract and asset purchase agreement interpretation and damages
  • Real estate lease and related damages
  • Various American Institute of Architects (“AIA”) contract issues
  • Defective construction and contract issues
  • Consumer issues
  • Franchise issues
  • Professional fees and professional practice division


  • A shareholder in a corporate dissolution.
  • A party in an employee fraud case.
  • Companies with various employment related issues, including litigation.
  • Companies with various corporate, contract and commercial issues

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  • Ethics for Attorney mediators and arbitrators — NYSBA Annual Convention
  • Business and Employment Mediations & Arbitrations

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